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What wildlife is likely to be spotted in Sabah, Borneo will be influenced by the knowledge and experience of your guide and the locals. However, we remind visitors to appreciate that any wildlife spotting is due to chance – we don’t believe in creating a stage for nature, and that makes these moments so rare and special!

Joey creates a 2D1N itinerary for our repeater client, Jaakko, to see what his chances are of spotting wildlife on Sabah’s east coast, at Sandakan!

The rarely spotted animal species endemic to Borneo are, pygmy elephants, gibbons, clouded leopard or rhinos, and they roam through the jungles freely, which means there’s always a chance!

This adventure program that our travel expert Joey has suggested for Jaakko includes lodge accommodation along the Kinabatangan River with our trusted partner, and wildlife safaris are in the form of river cruises and night walks! Jaakko will find the experience to be a very personal one and the boatmen have ‘eagle-eyes’ to spot orang utans, proboscis monkeys, hornbills from far, far away.

To spend a short getaway or a real jungle adventure, contact our Kota Kinabalu HQ to discuss a personalised program for you to take a chance with spotting the wildlife of Sabah and Borneo!