Whalesharks - Whale Sharks at Gaya Island TARP Kota Kinabalu Sabah

Whale Sharks have arrived on Gaya Island Kota Kinabalu Sabah !!

March to April is traditionally Whaleshark season in the surrounding waters of Kota Kinabalu and along the west coast Sabah.

At Downbelow we run daily dive packages, visiting their favorite feeding grounds around Gaya Island and within TARP in search of these beautiful creatures.

Yesterday to every ones delight our divers came across a huge school of Krill whilst on their 1st boat dive of the day.

Knowing that the Sharks would not be far away they began searching the shallow waters.

In total 3 of these enormous fish were spotted, 2 of the Whale Sharks were 4-6m in length with 1 of them around 12m long !!

What a spectacle !! The divers spent an hour with them cruising back and forth the bay.

In the excited frenzy they didn’t manage to get a great picture and unfortunately Richard did not have his camera but thanks to Tan from Sarawak we do have a couple of images of the actual sharks.

Among our guests that day were two people on a 3 Day Dive Package, specifically to see the Whale Sharks and they have both written very some lovely comments for our guest-book.

Whalesharks - Whale Sharks at Gaya Island TARP Kota Kinabalu Sabah

“I herewith attached the whale shark pictures that I took on Friday the 13th March 2009. These are the only pictures that I have in my cam.

I really have a great times diving with your team! Only two words that I can describe your team, and that isĀ  VERY GOOD!

That’s all from me now and I hope I will manage to get the divers from Kuching to dive in KK for Whale Shark next year!

Thanks for everything! Warmest regards,
Tan (Sarawak)

Your centre have got yourself great staff with superb eyes sight.. I’m so glad I did see the whale shark… The excitment in me is like so so huge… Really enjoyed myself. Thank you so much…

Warmest Regards