After a hiatus of almost a year, the largest fish in the Ocean the Whaleshark has visited Kota Kinabalu yet again and was spotted outside of our dive centre last week.

Resident Downbelow PADI Course Director Richard Swann sensed they were coming a few days beforehand when a large presence of krill was seen around the park.

And true enough, word of the Whaleshark sightings quickly spread just days later so the Downbelow Dive Team kept a lookout for the gentle giants.

However even they couldn’t have guessed what happened next. Not only were Whalesharks sighted, Downbelow guests on the day witnessed a pod of dolphins and a turtle as well. All in the same day!

Above is the video clip one of the Downbelow Instructors shot of the Whalesharks feeding on thousands of krill’s!

Fancy a chance to be near a whaleshark? Though we cannot guarantee you this but being in the water will surely increase your chances!

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