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Exciting plans have started at our Downbelow HQ ‘think tank’ as Managing Director Richard Swann calls for a meeting on how we’re Going Global with our Live Like Dive Downbelow motto!

It’s a dream that’s been in the pipelines for some time, and since our Expedition Singapore, spirits are soaring high to make our dreams come true!

Our mission is to ‘go places, meet people, do things’ (also a scuba diving motto) and create a variety of packages to visit the rest of the world.

To begin, each of our Sabah Travel Centre staff are assigned a research project to present a different place, which range from India to London! The ladies have a fortnight to impress, and we’re looking forward to what ideas they have!

Keep yourself updated by following our blog and social media content, because you’ll want to get involved in this next venture of ours, and experience the ‘live like dive downbelow’ motto!