The Nepenthes trail in Mesilau offers a different perspective to the Summit trail from Timpohon Gate; the natural biodiversity to be found and spectacular views of the Crocker Range Mountains are not to be missed!

Mesilau is an area located on the low lying hills of the eastern side of Mount Kinabalu and the iconic mountain itself can be seen towering above as trekkers walk along the Nepenthes trail.

Flora and fauna endemic to Kinabalu Park, in fact endemic to Mesilau, are strewn along the route! Nature’s beautiful creations, such as the Nepenthes Rajah are easily spotted, amongst other species of pitcher plants.

Pitcher plants are fascinating as they are carnivorous feeders that dissolve their prey unfortunate enough to fall into their pitfall trap filled with a fluid concentrated of digestive enzymes.

Moss-covered boulders, peaceful sounds of birdcalls and small streams, as well as a small crossing bridge over the Mesilau River are of such charming additions to the Nepenthes Trail.

Contact our Head Office staff to arrange a package to visit the beautiful location of Mesilau, and enjoy the peaceful serenity that can be found in Sabah’s famous Crocker Range!