Thankyou to Jeff Guzman for the above image, note the
blue false eye and appendage between the eyes

Since our last post requesting information on a species of octopus found whilst diving in the Celebes Sea, we have received a number of emails with possible sightings of this delightful critter.

Most we have been able to identify as different species such as the Poison Ocellate Octopus Octopus mototi, recently sent in by Roan Stoel.


A close up of the appendage on the species
found by us in the Celebes Sea

However and image by Jeff Guzman appears to bear similarities.

Notice the blue false eye ring (ocellus) on the mantel and the appendage centered between the eyes.

Although many have a pair of false eye spots, to date we have been unable to find a species bearing the appendage.

I would imagine this animal is fairly abundant within this region but finding and documenting them it difficult due to their small size, shyness and particularly cryptic behavior.

At the very least we can confirm distribution to be North Borneo and neighboring parts of the Philippines !

If anyone has any further information to add please drop us a line.

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