On a recent trip to Kinabatangan

we discovered a Tree Planting program organized by Bilit Adventure Lodge.

This entire area has suffered greatly from tree felling and forest clearing for the development of Palm Plantations which pose enormous challenges to the environment and wildlife living within it.

Thankfully in 1999 the Government of Malaysia declared a 26,000 hectare region of the Kinabatangan their “gift to the Earth”.

With lodges and resorts now providing visitors the opportunity to see many endangered and fascinating creatures, tree planting is a way in which we can all give a little back, not only to the area but to the planet.

It is said that in a lifetime one human being requires 10 trees to absorb our carbon dioxide output.

Tree saplings are cultivated by the local Orang Sungei (River People) and for RM10 you can take part in this program and plant your own tree.

A name board is provided so you can check on the tree’s progress throughout future visits.

Fruiting trees are a valuable food source to the wildlife in the region, encouraging more wildlife to the replanted area.


Click here for more information on the Kinabatangan River. For information about the Tree Planting program please email Bilit Adventure Lodge.