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At one of the most biodiverse and beautiful reef systems in Tunku Abdul Rahman marine park, another illegally discarded fishing net is found by our team of PADI professionals at our premier PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre.

The net was a recorded 200m+ in length and smothering the delicate corals of the top reef, between 7-12m depth. This ‘ghost net’ is one of the largest ever removed by our team of marine activists, but the entire crew of professional divers completed the task together in one long dive!

For the past decade of 150+ net removal dives organised, we (Downbelow) fully sponsor the project by providing essential logistics and manpower from the efforts of our full time PADI Instructors and their local ‘Work for a Career’ PADI Divemaster Trainee colleagues and our international Go PRO internship candidates too!

Net removal dives are a challenging project due to the physically demanding task of cutting the ‘ghost net’ free from the corals, which is why participating divers must be experienced. Before net removal dives, Resident Platinum PADI Course Director Richard Swann briefs buddy teams on the ‘plan of attack’ to efficiently and safely remove the ‘ghost net’ from the reef and prevent any more marine life from perishing!

For more information on conservation efforts to protect the marine environment in our local area and how to get involved yourself, contact our Head Office to discuss a suitable program with one of our experienced Sabah travel experts!