Scuba Diving Packages - TARP, Mantanani, West Coat Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia

Downbelow PADI 5 Star Dive and Adventure Centre offer Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Packages to the best dive locations in West Coast Sabah.

We also offer a wide range of different diving experiences within these packages including sunset diving, night diving, mangroves and muck diving.

For divers with a buddy and more than 20 logged dives, we offer unlimited scuba diving on our Dive Centre House Reef – home to many secrets including the rare and beautiful Mandarin Fish !.

Our unique location is especially beneficial to underwater photographers wishing to explore the reefs without the crowds and air and bottom time permitting stay as long as they like.

Recently we conducted a Sunset and Night Dive package, our divers (image left) went out specifically to search for Mandarin Fish (image right) and were fortunate to find them. Mandarin Fish are seen at sunset when males and females rise together in the water column and mate.


To read more about these fascinating creatures, please take a look at one of Richard and Joanne (Downbelow’s founders and company Directors) critter articles published in Sport Diving Magazine – Australia.

Please contact us or peruse our Travel Packages section to discover more about the Scuba Diving we offer.