Downbelow’s Kinabalu Park packages, which include accommodation in the park itself, includes a variety of accommodation options.

We can tailor your Kinabalu Park program with accommodation that suits your needs and style.

Below is a simple guide to what’s on offer:

Garden Lodge - Kinabalu Park

Garden Lodge

The Garden Lodge is a gem of a cottage located inside the permitters of Kinabalu Park, with picturesque views of the mountain and a private garden to compliment the surroundings.

Highlights of the lodge include the fireplace in front of which to get cosy on a cold Mt. Kinabalu night, the master bed room, located on the upper level, which spans the entire length of the lodge and both room having their own en-suite bathrooms with heated water.

The second bedroom is a twin room, so the Garden Lodge is capable of comfortably accommodating 4 people. The Garden Lodge additionally feature spacious living and dining areas, a kitchen and extra communal bathroom, also with heated water.

Rock Hostel - Kinabalu Park

Rock Hostel

The Rock Hostel offers dormitory accommodation in Kinabalu Park for the budget conscious, featuring a common lounge with a fireplace for cold nights.

Communal bathrooms have hot water and a pantry area provides a space in which to make something to eat or fix a coffee and tea.

The Rock Hostel features basic, clean bunk beds and rooms with either 4, 6 or 8 beds.

Rock Hostel Twin Share - Kinabalu Park

Rock Twin Share

A few rooms inside the Rock Hostel are twin share configurations, still with shared bathrooms.

Guests of these rooms also have access to the common lounge, fireplace and pantry area.

The twin rooms, as one might expect, feature two single beds. The rooms are basic, but clean and comfortable.

Grace Hostel - Kinabalu Park

Grace Hostel

Grace Hostel is the other dormitory in Kinabalu Park that caters to budget travelers and groups.

The rooms feature dormitory bunk beds in configurations of 4 or 6 beds each, and shares a common bathroom.

There is also a common lounge with a central fireplace.

A pantry area provides basic cooking facilities and tea & coffee making facilities.

Hill Lodge - Kinabalu Park

Hill Lodge

The Hill Lodge(s) is a cluster of bungalow type rooms neatly arranged on the side of a hill inside Kinabalu Park.

They offer a single bedroom with 2 single beds and an en-suite bathroom with hot water showers.

The Hill Lodge is a short walk from the Liwagu and Balsem Cafes.

Liwagu Suite - Kinabalu Park Accommodation

Liwagu Suite

The Liwagu Suites are elegant, romantic suites of split level accommodation and views of the jungle and river.

The ground floor features a guest toilet, pantry and living room area with a TV with satellite channels.

Upstairs you will find the open plan bedroom with a queen-sized bed and an attached bathroom.

The Liwagu Suites are ideal for romantic getaways.

Peak Lodge - Kinabalu Park Accommodation

Peak Lodge

The Peak Lodge is a 2 room chalet with 2 single beds and 1 bunk bed respectively.

Central to the chalet is a spacious dining / living room area and a fireplace in front of which to enjoy cold mountain nights.

The shared bathroom has a heated shower.

Nepenthes Lodge - Kinabalu Park

Nepenthes Lodge

The Nepenthes Lodge is a 2 bedroomed lodge equipped with a queen bed and two single beds respectively.

A large dining/living area occupies the lower floor with a fireplace.

A shared bathroom is equipped with a heated shower.

Kinabalu Lodge - Kinabalu Park

Kinabalu Lodge

The Kinabalu Lodge is a premier chalet with 3 bedrooms, with a king-size bed and en-suite bahtroom in the main room, whilst other two rooms have 2 single beds each with a shared bathroom, to accommodate a total of 6 people comfortably.

The bathrooms have hot water.

The Kinabalu Lodge has a a kitchen, and large living room area, with a fireplace as the centre piece.

Summit Lodge - Kinabalu Park

Summit Lodge

The Summit Lodge is another premier chalet within Kinabalu Park, but has 2 bedrooms, with 1 queen bed and 2 single beds respectively. The bathroom is equipped with a heated shower.

The Summit Lodge also features a kitchen, as well as a spacious living area with a fire place.

Mt Kinabalu is great for an overnight stay or two. With various accommodation options means you can enjoy cool, fresh mountain air regardless of your requirements and budget.

Contact Downbelow or email us directly for more info on how to enjoy these accommodation options.

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