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Downbelow Marine and Wildlife Adventures’ Sabah Travel Centre arranges for Dawn and Paul to ride Padas River!

This 1-day adventure is something way out of our international guests’ comfort zone, which is why they loved every exhilarating, heart-pumping, terrifying second of it!

One of the wildest, yet safest, rivers in South East Asia to conduct white water rafting is on the mighty Padas River near Beaufort. It takes a while to get to the starting point of the rafting course, but participants definitely find the thrill of riding the rapids worth it! Guests need to start their day quite early (about 5am!) to be transferred via road transfer (roughly a 2-hour journey) to the train station in Beaufort for a 30-minute train ride, and experience the rafting under the expert supervision of the experienced river guides; and to finally arrive in Kota Kinabalu city centre in time for their dinner plans in the evening.

We always receive feedback from travelling groups on our Expedition Borneo program that their white water rafting experience is one of their favourite activities…save for climbing to Mount Kinabalu’s Lows’ Peak!

Contact our HQ in KK to discuss with one of our travel experts on creating a personalised itinerary for a truly epic adventure in Sabah, Borneo!