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In Sabah, Borneo, there is high biodiversity in tropical fish species, which fascinates marine enthusiasts the world over!

Danny and Rachel from Australia continue their dive education on the PADI Fish Identification Specialty Instructor course, and the opportunity to do this in the Tunku Abdul Rahman marine park is a prime location for diverse marine life.

Their PADI Instructor, Pablo, is an accomplished underwater photographer too, who will suggest in their future dive adventures to invest in a camera to capture anything unfamiliar they spot.

During the course, his students will illustrate different fish families because recognising what family a fish species belongs to will make it much simpler to identify its species.

A popular method is to dive with fish identification slates, and we stock several at our Kota Kinabalu Dive Shop. Some of these slates are specific to a fish family, and we also have slates for coral species too.

Come and check out the different fish ID slates available at our Dive Shop, which is the same location as our Sabah Travel Centre. While you do so, one of our friendly and helpful consultants can create a program to include the Specialty for you to complete at our Dive Centre!