Our island staff team don’t give up, even during the rain, because it’s a professional duty to keep diving at Downbelow providing the conditions are safe!

Of course, there are extra challenges to organise the daily leisure diving program when it’s really pouring down with rain, but if our captains can safely handle the boat to the dive site and the conditions are safe for our clients then nothing stops our ‘Pro Divers’ from diving! 

We will often contact our clients to ask whether they wish to continue with their snorkelling program or reschedule for another day. We also do not advise young children to join on heavy rain days not because of safety but because they won’t enjoy it. Most divers however are not dissuaded by the rain. After all we’re gonna get wet anyway!

No matter the weather, our island team will supervise all in-water activities to ensure the safety of our guests are their highest priority.

For more information on our dive centre operations, contact our Sabah Travel Centre in Kota Kinabalu, where our experts are more than happy to create a personalised itinerary to experience one of our daily island programs!