Firstly, prepare yourself mentally for the challenge of climbing to Mount Kinabalu’s highest point, Low’s Peak, if that is your goal! Don’t underestimate the 4,095 metres of rock that is Sabah’s iconic landmark – it’s challenging in every way, but so worth it!

Frequently, adventure groups from Denmark visit Sabah on our 30-day Expedition Borneo! program, and climbing Mount Kinabalu is included in their itinerary.

On a list of items to climb with, every single item must be needed, so no need for bikinis! Circle the word raincoat many, many times, because even though there’s a shelter every 1km along the trail from Timpohon Gate (the starting point at 1,866 metres) to the Laban Rata accommodation compound, you don’t want to get soaked! Especially when you’ve ascended into the next cooler climate!

Snacks, like energy bars will curb mood swings. You’re tired because your blood sugar level is a bit low, and your metabolism seems to quicken as you climb higher and higher, so pack more snacks than you think you need.

You will be elated to have risen to and conquered the Mount Kinabalu challenge, just as our Danish adventure group will, but you want to get back to comfort as soon as possible, which is why one of our fully licensed minivan drivers will be at the Kinabalu Park Headquarters to transfer you back to your Kota Kinabalu accommodation! Contact our Head Office, for one of our experienced travel experts to arrange an itinerary to give you every chance to experience the Mount Kinabalu challenge!