At the November 2013 Instructor Exam (IE) in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, PADI Instructor Examiner Marc van der Poel briefs the instructor candidates on their exam segments for the next two days.

Nerves run high as Marc delivers the formalities. But the orientation is just that.

All the instructor development course preparation delivers confident and able candidates, and Marc’s amiability helps to relax the atmosphere before the theory and standards exams later today.

Marc describes the conduct of the inwater exams for the open and confined water teaching presentations as an efficient process. Furthermore, the candidates are grouped for time management. The location for tomorrows in water assessments will be the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park : where the candidates are already familiar which will ease many anxieties. All is taken care of!

Downbelow candidates: Jen, Thibaut and Along only need to recall their knowledge, training and experiences from their IDC and they will do well. As well prepared as they are, Downbelow wishes all the best for their exams.