Giving Sharks a Fighting Chance

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Shark ConservationCurrently this course is offered as an add-on to a normal diving day.Includes:

  • required learning materials
  • required certification fees


  • 1 Day


  • RM 200**

**Subject to 6% Gov. Goods & Service Tax

The AWARE Shark Conservation Speciality will inform you and ignite your passionate for defending sharks by inspiring you to take action to protect them.

Why Are Sharks Important?

Sharks play a vital role in the marine eco system.

As apex predators they help balance the population of the various ocean species they prey on.

Without them prey populations would explode.

Thanks to sharks, the oceans are kept healthy as ill or diseased animals end up as food, with the fittest surviving to reproduce.

Sharks are also important to fishing industries, and in many locations attract dive tourists.

Why Do Sharks Need Protection?

Due to overfishing for fining and as a product of bycatch, shark species around the world are under threat.

European sharks, with around a third of species under threat, are under the most pressure.

Legislation to regulate fisheries and trade restrictions are either non-existent or poorly implemented and needs mass action to be rectified.

Sharks are popular in many cultures and education is needed to highlight the dire need for sustainability.

One of the shark pictures that Richard took recently of our local black tip communityWe all know that shark fin soup is probably the #1 reason sharks are killed for food, but in this speciality you will learn interesting facts like

  1. Spiny dogfish meat is often used in fish & chips in the UK;
  2. Shark steaks are popular in America;
  3. In Australia, ‘flake’ is shark used in fish & chips;

AWARE Shark Conservation Diver

The course contributes towards shark conservation by building awareness of the issues and inspiring students to speak out and act for sharks.

This course will

  1. Inspire you to become a shark conservation advocate
  2. Introduce sharks including their conservation status and why they are vulnerable to impacts
  3. Introduce the major threats that are greatly reducing shark populations
  4. Provide information on the value of sharks to the marine environment and to local economies
  5. Introduce you to management approaches that can protect sharks
  6. Provide a pathway for you to become actively involved in shark conservation
  7. Show you how to identify hazards in marine environments and on land that threaten shark

To book your spot for the AWARE Shark Conservation Speciality or, if you require more information, please contact us.

AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Distinct Speciality

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