Be Prepared for any Diving Eventuality

Emergency Oxygen Provider Course

Emergency Oxygen Provider Details Includes:

  • required learning materials
  • required certification fees


  • 1 Day


  • from RM 400**

**Subject to 6% Gov. Goods & Service Tax

The PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course prepares you for when you have to be the one ready to help a fellow diver when the need arises.

The fun part of the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course is that you can breathe easy, because you know how to recognise conditions that can be treated with emergency oxygen.

You will be the best diving buddy, because you are prepared, especially in a time of need.

What will the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course teach you?

During the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course you will learn:

  • to recognise diving conditions treatable with emergency oxygen;
  • how to properly set up equipment;
  • how to administer emergency oxygen;

PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, BorneoThe PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course is a dry course, meaning no diving is required to take this course.

The manual is an important part of the course, however, and before class you will review a step-by-step explanation of when and how to provide emergency oxygen.

You will learn about safety consideration and the use, including assembly and disassembly of the emergency oxygen equipment.

A care-at-a-glance card is included with the manual that you can pack in your gear bag and use as a quick reference guide in case of an actual emergency.


Although the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider course is suited for divers, the course has no actual prerequisites, which means it’s applicable to divers and non-divers alike.

You don’t need any previous CPR or First Aid experience, although this course does pair perfectly with the PADI Emergency First Response course and should be considered.

The Emergency Oxygen Provider course perfectly complements an Emergency First Responder >>>