Pristine Coral Reefs without the Crowds

Snorkleing & Skin Diving in the TAR Park - Pristine Coral Reefs without the Crowds

Snorkeling / Skin DivingIncludes:

  • hotel transfers*
  • boat transfers
  • park entry & jetty fees
  • freshly cooked lunch and refreshments
  • guide / instruction
  • equipment rental
  • required learning materials
  • required certification fees


  • 08:00 – 16:30


  • from RM 240

The Gaya Island Beach House in the TAR Park

Our PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre is perfectly located on Gaya Island within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, just 5-10 minutes from Kota Kinabalu City.

We have pristine coral reef without the crowds providing swimmers and snorkelers an ideal location for enjoying the tropical underwater world in a safe, comfortable environment.

Snorkeling in Sabah is easy and fun

Just about anybody can participate in the sport of snorkeling regardless of age, skill and physical fitness.

Snorkeling with Downbelow is fun

Snorkeling is one of the easiest, most fun and most popular ways to see the underwater world and very inexpensive.

It’s often said that “theres nothing to it!” The truth is there are a number of skills to learn which make snorkeling easier and more enjoyable.

We offer various snorkeling programs catering for the non swimmer, beginner, intermediate and advanced snorkeler.

We provide professional snorkeling vests which enable snorkelers to float with ease on the surface of the ocean.

Guided Snorkeling off Gaya Island

Let one of our professional guides take you on an underwater adventure thats suitable for beginners and experienced snorkelers.

Our PADI Professional Guides are available for a half day or full day session and at the beginning of the day if you are new to snorkeling or require a refresher you will be given s short lesson.

All our snorkel Guides are trained as PADI Rescue Divers or above and everyone is trained as an Emergency First Responder.

Snorkelers do it in the shallows

Snorkeling lessons teach the basics of mask clearing, kicking techniques and snorkel use through shallow water instruction and games.

Once the participant is comfortable we progress to deeper waters and coral reef.

The program is also an excellent pre-training experience for children who want to explore the underwater world but are too young to dive with scuba in the open water.

Use this link to read more about the marine life that can be found within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.

We pride ourselves on small group instruction ensuring our clients get the very best of attention from the instructor.

Safety is paramount, we adhere to PADI standards and procedures and HSE Guidelines.

Ours is an All Inclusive Policy with No Hidden Charges

Turtle spotted by snorkelers in the TAR Park, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Our All Inclusive Policy means that you pay one price, which includes everything you need for a great snorkeling day out.

We will provide the return transfers from your hotel (KK City & Tanjung Aru subject to confirmed bookings only).

Our fast boat will transfer you from the marine to the island and back.

You will be provided with knowledgeable guides, and we take care of park & jetty fees and your activity equipment.

Plus, to keep those thirst and hunger pangs at bay, refreshments include free flow water, tea & coffee and a freshly cooked lunch.

Snorkeling Options

Snorkelers with Downbelow regularly see clownfish and have seen turtles, sharks and rays

Full Day Guided – RM 240.00 per Adult & Child

Children below 3 years old are free of charge and under no program.

Guided programs are suitable for the complete beginner and experienced snorkelers alike.

It is a structured program with each snorkeling session lasting approximately 45 minutes in duration. Before each session your snorkel guide will provide a snorkel site briefing & orientation.

Prior to the first snorkel session your guide will familiarize you with the snorkeling equipment and access your snorkeling experience to ascertain the safest and most interesting places to take you snorkeling.

This ensures our safety standards are adhered to and fun will be had by all.

For the morning program the first two snorkel sessions are conducted around Gaya Island’s Hornbill Bay to two different beautiful coral locations.

In the afternoon we take you to another island snorkel site only accessible by boat.

Please note that all programs last for the full day, our return transfer to the mainland is at 16:00, if you would like to leave earlier this is classified as a private transfer and the cost is RM 100 per way (based on 1-4 pax).

We provide full snorkeling equipment including snorkel vests for adults and children. The price for children and adults is the same because infact as i’m sure you will agree children take more looking after than adults & guide to child ratio’s must be higher.


08:00 – Hotel pickup (KK city centre only including Tg Aru – subjected to confirmed bookings) transfer to the marina;
08:30 – Meet Downbelow Staff & Transfer on Boat to Downbelow Dive Station on Gaya Island
09:15 – Snorkel Safari (morning session)
13:00 – Lunch at Adventure Centre
14:30 – Snorkel Safari (afternoon session)
16:00 – Boat Transfer to marina
16:30 – Return to Hotel

All programs require pre-booking – especially during peak season since we limit the number of people on the island. For booking information please contact us.

PADI Skin Diver – Cost RM 400.00

Minimum Age: 8 years old

If you’re feeling that you want to get that little bit closer to the marine life and learn how to breath hold dive then the PADI Skin Diver program is for you.

Skin diving can be described as “breath hold diving”.

Skin diving - the art exploring underwater without Scuba equipment

Using masks, snorkels, fins, and buoyancy-control devices (BCD’s) skin divers both snorkel on the surface and regularly dive underwater.

The PADI Skin Diver course is a simple, structured, training program.

In the academic portion of the course, Skin Diver students learn about equipment, diving science, the environment, problem management and safe skin diving practices.

Knowledge development covers information on equipment, entering the water, checking buoyancy, surface swimming, snorkel clearing and performing surface dives.

In the water training portion of the course, Skin Diver students learn and practice safe skin diving techniques.

You’ll master skills such as snorkel blast clearing, removing and replacing a weight belt, hand signals & swimming under water.

The program is a full day course and each successful participant will achieve a PADI Certification.

As with all our programs we offer a fully inclusive price, including hotel transfers (KK City & subject to confirmed bookings) boat transfers, park entry fees, instruction, equipment rental, learning materials and certification fees.

Book your Snorkeling Activities by contacting us.

Snorkelers & Skin Divers excited about their marine adventures

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