Interns Tiago and Paul on the left with PADI IDC Staff Instructor James on the right

Downbelow’s pro diving interns do it deeper and after mastering the Deep Diving Scenario they do it safer too.

Yesterday, under the vigilant eye of PADI IDC Staff Instructor James, both Tiago and Paul took the depths of the TAR Park waters to practice the Deep Dive Scenario.

Having learned about the appropriate techniques with some on-land rehearsals, the interns took to the waters to set up a descent line with emergency breathing equipment waiting at the 5m depth mark.

With potential eventualities prepared for, they next headed deep down below for a navigation exercise where their knowledge and skills put to the test in a real-world environment.

For Paul, who has already successfully completed the Divemaster course, the exercise brought additional practice and experience for the Instructor Development Course he is joining early next month.

Tiago will soon be sitting for the Divemaster exam, and the Deep Diver Scenario is essential for that.

Our professional interns successfully completed the deep diver scenario and looks forward to the next opportunity to discover and practice more skills from the professional realm of diving.