Our equipment promotion also offers the ‘Pro Package’ option, which caters to the professional diver of all levels, whether newly qualified or seasoned dive educators.

Professional divers are in the water more than on land, so high performance and great quality equipment is necessary to last your scuba diving career!

These items are chosen specifically for their durable materials to ‘stand the test of time’, and we offer ‘Essentials’ and ‘Accessories’.

The ‘Essentials’ discounted at 20% are priced at RM5,698 in our ‘Pro Package’ equipment promotion, and includes:

  • [ A/B ] Scubapro Go BCD
  • [ C ] Atomic B2 (includes free SSI)
  • [ E ] Atomic Z2 Octopus
  • [ D ] Suunto 3-in-1

Scubapro’s Go BCD is designed with effortless efficiency for the Go PRO diver! There’s plenty of D-rings for the many accessories needed by the dive professional.

The Atomic B2 is a state-of-the-art regulator by Atomic Aquatics, a brand renowned for their high performance products. Its 2nd stage material is all-Titanium for the metals’ corrosion resistant qualities. Not only will you receive regulators to last your scuba diving career, but a free Safe Second Inflator (SSI) is included with the purchase of the Atomic B2! The SSI delivers a diver the smooth breathing of the primary regulator!

The Z2 shares similarities to the B2 in its high performance due to the corrosion-proof materials of Titanium and 316 Stainless Steel.

The Suunto 3-in-1 Gauge Console consists of depth and pressure gauge and the SK-7 Top Mounted Compass and it works even in near-freezing temperatures.

The promotional price for the ‘Accessories’ of our ‘Pro Package’ is RM592 is also discounted at 20% and includes:

  • [ I ] IST Shaker/Pointer
  • [ H ] Frog SMB
  • [ F ] Pocket mask
  • [ G ] Remora knife (Titanium)

A unique feature of the IST Shaker/Pointer is a magnetic internal device, which can be released or secured to create sound when the diver wants to.

The Frog SMB offers the functionality Go PRO divers need during their career: a small D-ring for a carabiner attachment for a dive spool, making dive supervision as easy as possible!

Our pocket masks include a valve to support the use of various masks for the administering of oxygen.

A Remora dive knife, as part of the ‘Pro Package’, is made of Titanium and a metal known for it’s incredibly lightweight and incredibly corrosion-resistant qualities.

The entire range of equipment within the ‘Pro Package’ equipment promotion is chosen for its durable materials to last the dive professional for their entire scuba diving career and adventures in their future!

Take a look at these products and discuss with our friendly and experienced Dive Shop Assistants in greater detail on the various pieces of equipment we offer at our Dive Shop in Kota Kinabalu Times Square!