Crazy group of IDC candidates, with resident PADI Course Director Richard far left and Go Pro team members Bob and Welson also in the mix.

Our candidates are all prepped and ready to go for tomorrow when we see the start of our next PADI Instructor Development Course here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

November’s PADI IDC runs from tomorrow and wraps up on the 19th, before jumping straight into the PADI Instructor Examination on the 20th and 21st, during which we’re fully expecting to continue the proud tradition of our 100% success rate and mint 8 brand new, high quality PADI OWSIs.

Over the week our candidates have been spending some quality time at our HQ in KK Times Square on the mainland, where they have been preparing for the rigors of the upcoming IDC.

IDC Prep is like a good warmup for the main event, and is offered for free by Downbelow to all our IDC candidates.

Our professional interns also get access to unlimited diving, which is great for any IDC, because as a professional diving instructor your scuba diving skills should be second nature. With unlimited diving you can practise until it is.

Aside from our HQ on the Kota Kinabalu mainland, we also have the dive centre on Gaya island.

Our PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre is right on the beach in a secluded cove of the island, from where we do 3 boat dives every day. Yes, we dive every day and we have a steady stream of our own clients, so our interns never need to canvas for customers.

The dive centre is equipped with everything the budding IDC candidate needs to successfully qualify as a professional instructor.

Being on the beach also makes it easy for shore dives, wether you choose to take a giant stride off the end of the jetty onto our house reef, or literally walk in from the beach, it’s up to you.

Our House Reef is healthy and thriving and a little further along is Turtle House Reef, named for obvious reasons. Within a few minutes by boat are the over 40 other dive sites of the TAR park, allowing us to pick and choose the best sites for every boat excursion depending on the prevailing conditions.

The November IDC is the last scheduled IDC for 2012, but fear not, 2013’s schedule is already up and showing our next IDCs.

If you want to take your recreational scuba diving love to the professional level email us and together we can work out the best way for your to Go Pro with Downbelow.