All of us at Downbelow are travellers too and it is unavoidable that as travellers going into foreign lands, we think about our safety. With that in mind, we do want our guests to have the best experience when they are diving with us and do not have to worry about the safety of our equipment.

You should know that for Downbelow, we pride ourself on an exceptional level of service and safety, adhering to PADI Standards and Procedures at all times and follow British HSE Diving for Work Guidelines. We have established extensive safety standards and procedures, all of which are enforced, regularly monitored, updated and tested.

The safety of our guests and trainees are our top priority. We limit the amount of daily guests to our dive center everyday so it does not overcrowd. At the same time this will also allow us to give personal attention to new divers and experienced divers alike.

We have recently invested in new fire extinguishers. As unexpected fires can never be ruled out!

Read more about our safety preparations and you can email us anytime if you have any concern regarding your safety while you are with us.