Two New Shark Advocates

The fight for shark survival gained two new warriors as resident PADI Course Director Richard Swann qualified Stefan Bucheler and Samantha Sherman as new AWARE Shark Conservation Speciality Instructors.

Now they have enough knowledge about sharks and the reasons we need to protect them.

They will be able to spread the awareness and advocate the issue of shark conservation through their AWARE Shark Conservation Speciality courses.

The course itself is important as it informs and ignites the passion inside every diver and inspires them to defend the sharks and their environment.

With the shark population under threat, the time to act is now and we hope more and more individuals like Stefan and Samantha to commit to the fight.

With our recent sightings of whalesharks just outside of our dive centre, it was a timely reminder that the fight is not over and we should never stop because all marine life are so worth protecting.

If you would like to learn more about sharks and their conservation, join us Downbelow.

You can read more about the AWARE Shark Conservation Speciality Course here.

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