Meet the Children on Gaya Island in the TAR Park

Our Island based PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre is nestled in a tropical bay and surrounded by primary rain forest.

We are the only operator in the area and we have some lovely neighbors.

We share our little piece of paradise with some of the staff of Sabah Parks, their little children can often be seen playing around the Beach House, holding our hands and laughing every time a guest brings out their camera.

Meet the Children on Gaya Island in the TAR Park

They have great fun with families that join us for the day, although the children don’t speak the same language, its doesn’t make any difference they spend all day together and get along just fine.

Here are a couple of recent pictures of the little angles.

Time and time again our quests tell us how wonderful it is to spend the day with their family whilst they enjoy their different activities with everyone returning for tea and coffee breaks, refreshments and lunch throughout the day.

We run daily scuba diving, snorkeling & snorkeling safaris, trekking, sea kayaking and camping from our dive centre. A trip to Downbelow’s Beach House – Gaya Island is a must when in Sabah.

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