Master Scuba Diver Rizal and his AWARE Shark Conservation Instructor James (on the left)Sabah, Borneo: Downbelow’s Master Scuba Diver Challenger, Rizal, has racked up a slew of PADI courses during his Master Scuba Diver challenge recently, amongst them a whole bag of speciality courses.

One speciality in particular, however, stands out amongst the rest as being very rewarding.

The AWARE Shark Conservation Speciality teaches the avid diver all about sharks, the problems their populations face and solutions for solving the crisis sharks are in.

Clearly and avid diver, Rizal threw himself at the AWARE Shark Conservation Speciality and happily became a shark super hero, ready to stand up and be counted in the fight for shark survival.

As a Master Scuba Diver, Rizal is at the top of the recreational diver food chain and with the AWARE Shark Conservation Speciality under his belt, he understands more about the creatures at the top of the ocean’s food chain also.

A big shout out to Master Scuba Diver Rizal who will be doing the same for sharks!