Roland Baxter cleaning up

At Downbelow we stress to the team that the responsibility of taking care of the environment is in everyone’s hands. Every member of staff is encouraged to be proactive in our commitment to conservation instead of hoping someone else will clean up the environment surrounding us.

Our new local intern Roland Baxter Bruno Sylvester is busy learning the importance of keeping our oceans & beaches clean as he joins the company cleaning the shore around our jetty every morning.

Roland is here on a 12-month “Work for a Career” program with Downbelow where he will be a qualified PADI Divemaster professional by the end of the program. We are proud to offer scuba diving as a career option to Sabahans who dream the diving dream.

Roland will soon learn that the Downbelow team spend many hours daily cleaning other peoples debris from the beaches in our area. The good news is that you too can help by reducing your plastic usage and disposing your rubbish responsibly!