Time flies so fast especially when you are having fun while diving!

This is certainly true for Kerri and Mac. It seems like it was just a few days ago they started their year-long “Work for a Career” program with Downbelow and now, they are already halfway through!

So far they have completed all PADI courses up to the PADI Rescue Diver level. Now it is time for them to step it up & take part in the first professional program in the PADI system of education and that is the Divemaster course!

Their instructor will be our resident PADI Platinum Course Director Richard Swann who started the orientation session for this module. Don’t worry boys, we’ll still have fun only it’s serious fun now :)

Downbelow prides itself on producing quality pro level training to both our local trainees & the international community so if you would like to join in the fun & become a professional please contact us for more info!