Another promotion on equipment at our Dive Shop has been created for the benefit of frequent travellers!

Our ‘Travel Package’ option offers the most important dive equipment needs of all divers, recreational or professional, when on holiday to an exotic world-class dive destination!

The promotional price set for the ‘Travel Package’ ranges between RM3,019 – RM3,822 because it depends which pieces of scuba diving equipment you select to purchase:

  • Sherwood Scuba Axis OR Sherwood Scuba Silhouette
  • Sherwood Scuba Oasis OR Sherwood Scuba Maximus
  • Sherwood Scuba Minimus OR Sherwood Scuba Shadow+
  • Suunto 2-in-1 Gauge Console

The Silhouette BC jacket from Sherwood Scuba will allow awesome comfort during your open water dive experiences for any underwater activity! Its heavy-duty material offers the diver to utilise the equipment over and over again, during which many dives will be logged.
A choice of 2 Sherwood Scuba 1st stage + regulator models are on offer, which are the Oasis and Maximus. Oasis is great for less ‘dry-mouth’ during your dive, and inhalation sensitivity can be adjusted with the Maximus.

Minimus Octopus is 35% smaller than the standard octopus size and still delivers the high performance of a primary regulator. Or you could choose the Shadow Octopus, which is the same size as the Minimus, and eliminates the need for a low-pressure inflator hose!
Suunto’s 2-in-1 Gauge Console is multi-functional, as it offers the option to incorporate the Top Mounted Suunto SK7 Compass!

Get in touch with one of our Dive Shop Assistants, or better yet, visit us at our KK Times Square HQ, and get more advice on these items or any other products we stock that you might be interested in. Our ‘Travel Package’ equipment promotion is an unbelievably amazing value-for-money equipment set that you will willingly take with you on your holiday adventures to world-class dive destinations all over the world!