Our clients visiting our premier PADI 5 Star IDC beach house on Gaya Island are amazed at the tropical setting, and a beautiful location benefits learning of course!

Any entry-level scuba diving training is conducted in the shallow waters of the bay, in front of our Dive Centre, which is located on the island. The calm clear water helps settle any nerves our student divers may have about learning to dive, since they can clearly see their environment and during the introduction of new skills they can easily stand up! Only when they become more confident do we introduce student divers to deeper water.

Not only do we conduct entry-level dive training in the bay, it is a perfect place even for delivering the Instructor Development Course (IDC). Venturing further out from the shore, the reef and the sand slopes to open water depths, which is conducive for the IDC to complete open water teaching performance requirements!

When you’re ready to change your lifestyle to a dive lifestyle, contact any of our friendly and experienced Head Office staff based in KK Times Square to discuss an itinerary for your scuba diving adventure on Gaya Island, Borneo!