Richard and Joanne,

A belated note from me to thank you both for such an excellent diving package at the beginning of the month. It all came together very well indeed. Ruth and George were guided through the Open Water course methodically, sympathetically and so effectively that George is now a veritable sub-aqua ‘boff’, rather too regularly testing me on the physics of diving I might add.

For my part, I was grateful for the opportunity to dust off a few cobwebs and to widen my capabilities with the Advanced qualification. Thank you, Richard for your personal involvement in my training.

Ruth and George are now enthused divers and to share the experience of seeing turtles ‘down below’ with them at my side was more than I had hoped for. If you want a measure of the effect on George, he has proclaimed diving to be better than skiing. That is saying something, I can assure you!

Your team did you proud, by the way. Calvin struck just the right balance with Ruth and George. Overall, I was impressed with the professional operation you run.

With Elizabeth still a little young to go through the Open Water course (only 4, bless her), it will be a while before we are all diving as a family, but it is bound to be a feature of future holidays, so we hope to see you again.

With renewed thanks and warmest wishes,

Jonny Bourne