Why are the people of Japan burying their heads in the sand over their countries whaling practices?

Through travel we meet many Japanese people and from our experience they are kind hearted. Why then are they standing by or in some cases applauding their government’s decision to send a fleet of whaling boats to sea today intent on slaying and processing more than 1,000 whales, 50 of which are the protected and threatened Humpback.

Whalers claim they are continuing a tradition however when the practice began in the 1700’s it was only a few family owned businesses with handheld harpoons that went out to coastal waters and bought back small numbers of whales, not factory fleets going as far afield as the Antarctic pulling in more then 1,000 each a year.

Japan is trying to encourage the younger generation to eat whale meat from the 400 or so animals caught every year through so called “scientific research”.

What consumers are not told is that the blubber of dead whales in some areas is so highly contaminated with organochlorines such as PCBs and pesticides that it would be classified as toxic waste! Organochlorines are known to damage development of children and affect reproduction.

It is suggested that most people of Japan are not interested in eating whale meat, if so surely in a so called democratic country if they spoke out against their governments whaling practices and refused to eat the meat the whalers and government would have no choice but listen and the rest of the world would think better of the country and its people.

The brave men and women of Greenpeace are following the fleet that departed today with the sole objective to stop as many whales as possible from being slaughtered.

Please visit their website and follow the expedition to the Southern Ocean.