To ‘Live Like Dive Downbelow’ is a lifestyle that we want to share with everybody! Everyone from every walk of life will enjoy the many attractions Sabah has to offer, such as white water rafting!

For a day, a big group of our Head Office team experienced the thrilling white water rafting attraction at Kiulu River!
Kiulu River is graded at I and II, which on the International Scale of River Difficulty requires basic paddling skills to navigate. However, friendly river guides accompanied our fun-loving team, and before starting the activity, a briefing is delivered to discuss these basic skills.

The day was made all the more enjoyable by jumping from the boat and “body rafting” through the rapids. This is the attraction of Kiulu, on certain days the river is manageable enough to swim between rapids and jump from the rivers edge into the rapid below – great fun for all!

Afterwards, a delicious BBQ lunch is served to restore energy used during the incredibly exciting white water rafting, with a view of the serene Kiulu River to enjoy!

Keep following the adventures our team get up to because there will be more! Contact our Head Office team if you would like to explore exotic Borneo where the dream never ends and ‘live like dive downbelow’!