Resident PADI Course Director Richard explains the shark petition to the Glamorgan group

The new group from the Glamorgan University moved into the temporary accommodations on Gaya island in Sabah, Borneo this week and have made themselves at home.

They will be with us for a few weeks here in Kota Kinabalu as part of a Tropical Ecology module of the Bachelors Degree they are studying at the uni.

In line with Downbelow’s Marine Conservation, resident PADI Course Director, Richard Swann, wasted no to time to bring home the message about environmental responsibility and the main causes of the day.

An avid Marine Biologist himself and a crusader for cause of sharks, Richard brought the Glamorgan group up to speed with Project AWARE’s various shark initiatives and how they can help by signing the shark petition.

The 40 strong group were more than happy to join the fight for legislation that will slow the decline of the world’s shark populations and added their signatures to the petition.

Have you voided out for sharks? Sign the shark petition and join the shark fight for survival.