At Downbelow, our customer service is routinely praised and to maintain this high standard we conduct role-playing activities to exercise product knowledge and follow current trends within our target market.

Sabah is a melting pot of diversity within its many cultures and natural beauty! There are so many attractions for visitors to enjoy and the choices can be overwhelming. We offer a variety of packages, which range from educational to luxury resort accommodation at world-class diving destinations.

Our travel consultants are highly experienced in all of our products and their knowledge of the various packages we offer will ensure your holiday will be a memorable one!

As part of our commitment to customer service, our travel packages also include the arrangement of necessities such as accommodation and transport for your convenience.

Whether your choice of holiday activities is to relax on a beach or an adrenalin-fuelled sport, we can arrange an itinerary to build your perfect Borneo adventure!

Get in touch with one of our Head Office staff in KK Times Square to discuss your Borneo adventure!