Various Cuttlefish Species

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Without dissecting the cuttlebone correct identification of many sepia is very difficult, especially for the smaller species. Their ability to change skin texture and coloration to suit habitat and communicate makes describing some of these creatures provisional.

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Flamboyant Cuttlefish – Metasepia pfefferi

As their name suggests this species displays flamboyant red, yellow, white and pink chevrons that move up and down their bodies pulsating in a mesmerizing rhythm. Like other cuttlefish they produce instant colour changes.

Rather than seeing this species swimming they prefer to walk the substrate on two front tentacles and two skin flaps located on the underbelly, this is clearly illustrated within the images below. Look for the sandy appearance on the “walking” front tentacles and the underbelly skin flaps (image 016), this is where the creature makes contact with the substrate.

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