Fame at Last !!  Nepalese Pop Star Scuba Diving Downbelow !

I must admit to getting a little star struck when in the presence of celebrities which is why i wasn’t invited to Richard’s day out with Brad Pitt !

One celebrity that i did have the pleasure of meeting though is Deepau Gurung – a famous Nepalese Pop Star, fondly remembered as Poppy.

Poppy is also Corporal within the British Royal Gurkha Regiment. He was a participant with one of our Adventure training groups this year.

The Gurkhas, a British special ops unit that has existed since 1815 are considered to be some of the finest soldiers in the world, as is evidenced by the high regard they are held in for both their fighting skill, and their smartness of turnout on parade.

Today there are 3400 troops within the British Army, they are all gentlemen and we are very honored to be given the opportunity to conduct their Adventure Training.

During Poppys program he completed the PADI Open Water Course. He enjoyed his AT week so much that he then returned with another group for some daily fun diving.

We had dinner with Poopy and the rest of his group at the Moonbell Restaurant in KK and Poppy charmed us with a few tunes and signed his autograph for me (pictured left with Richard) !!

We hope to see Poppy again and wish him and the boys all the best in their careers and happy diving.