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The convenient facilities offered to clients of Downbelow’s 5 Star Dive Centre are on location to provide a comfortable island experience.

Each morning, one of our team of PADI professionals greet our guests for the day. A welcome briefing, to offer some perspective of the layout of our facilities, is delivered to include information of the surrounding jungle area, general schedule for island activities and the other islands of the Tunku Abdul Rahman marine park too!

After a 5-minute welcome briefing, our guests will then be invited to adjourn to our beach house deck, where they will meet their PADI professional guide or Instructor.

Naturally heated freshwater showers, washrooms, freshly cooked lunch, hot tea and coffee, filtered water are just some of the small things that make the day more enjoyable and comfortable!

Our guests and our island team have the chance to get to know one another during surface intervals, spent at our Dive Centre.

For more information on what island activities we conduct at our PADI 5 Star Dive Centre, get in touch with one of our Sabah travel experts at our Kota Kinabalu Head Office.