Dear Sarah Jane,

It’s hard to put into words how much we enjoyed our Borneo vacation, but needless to say we all agreed that our next vacation (hopefully next year) will be to return to Borneo and see some more of the things we missed!

Everything worked out perfectly, thank you for organising a perfect itinerary. The snorkelling was fabulous (we’ve never seen such diverse coral reefs) and David was an amazing swimmer and loved learning how to be a better skin diver! The mountain climb was – well – challenging to say the least, but we made it to the summit, which in and of itself was an amazing achievement, especially for David and me. The dormitory experience was a bit difficult, and we didn’t get to do the Walk the Torq as there was no way to get there in time for the last cut-off time (we couldn’t ascend very fast for the last 1K). But the view from the top was amazing and was worth the discomfort (pain?) going up!! :-)

We spent the 22nd and 23rd in the pool and on the beach, and in the spa getting massages, in order to be able to use our legs again!!

You and your company did an excellent job with everything from start to finish. The drivers were always on time, went the extra mile to ensure everything went well, and everything was exactly as you presented it in the itinerary. Our driver from Kinabalu Park even made sure to pick up our lunches when we came down the mountain late. That was very kind and much appreciated. We enjoyed meeting your owner on the island, he seems really interesting, and he also gave us some good advice for our next visit. We’ll definitely book our next holiday through you again!! By the way, I can’t say enough about the Shangri-la hotels also. They had incredible service and also were so kind and helpful to us for everything.

Thanks again for all your help and responding to all my queries so quickly, and hopefully we’ll be in contact next year when we need our next warm weather vacation!

All the best,