waiting for guests to arrive in borneo

Our island team being wacky while waiting for the day’s guests to arrive at the island.

From left; Richard Swann (Downbelow Managing Director and resident PADI Platinum Course Director) with PADI Instructors Tim, Victor, Mel, Pablo and Strike.

These guys are always ready to make it a fun day for everyone, our guests and interns included, even on a gloomy day.

How long has it been since you have fun under the sun with the sand in-between your toes or the sea water in your ears? If you don’t even remember how it makes you feel then you need go out to the island as soon as possible and dive with us.

We have all kinds of dive courses, for the divers and non-divers too.

Don’t feel like getting wet? Then you can take a walk in the jungle behind our dive centre!

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