Be an ocean hero! Contribute to Project AWARE and make a difference.Sabah, Borneo: Downbelow illustrates their commitment to help Project AWARE further their environmental conservation causes with a strong statement of support for the Project AWARE Foundation…

The best way for divers to show off their contribution to environmental conservation is through a Project AWARE branded certification card, easily obtained by donating RM35 or more to Project AWARE at the time of certification.

100% of this amount goes toward Project AWARE’s conservation projects, the big two which are Sharks in Peril and Marine Debris – fighting the decline of the shark population and helping stave the flow of rubbish into our oceans respectively.

Downbelow is so committed to these causes, that we have paid upfront for 500 certification cards, because we believe divers want to save the environment that they enjoy so much.

That’s a solid contribution of AU$5,000 (RM16,000) to help protect our oceans and the sharks that live in them.

We advocate the virtues of Project AWARE and their work to divers, and implore newly certified divers to also contribute to this worthy cause. Every additional contribution is a bonus and will perpetuate our efforts.

Plus divers gaining their new qualifications will receive that shiny and good-looking Project AWARE branded certification card and they can sleep easier knowing that choosing to support Downbelow is choosing to support the environment.

So dive with the company that cares. Dive Downbelow!


Downbelow’s Big Push to Support Project AWARE