Downbelow is always honoured to receive groups of eager students from USW, and train our future of scientific diving!

This is the fourth field study trip to Sabah, for students of University of South Wales (USW) to conduct their annual tropical ecology studies.

For a week at our premier PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre in TAR marine park, students reading for their BSc International Wildlife Biology and Natural History degrees, will be led by our experienced team of PADI professionals for training in scientific diving.

Underwater visual census (UVC) surveys to collect data on fish and benthic communities, line intercept transects and coral reef surveys includes a few of the specialized skills and techniques the group will be learning.

To enhance their diving skills, our team will be introducing a new element to their training. To support the students in their surveys, we are offering video surveys, which will develop their survey techniques when analysing and comparing data. We have designed this additional training with the students’ benefit in mind, as scientific diving and underwater research requires good diving skills.

Past groups of USW students have witnessed the beautiful Whale Sharks when snorkeling with the worlds’ largest fish species in our TAR marine park playground, and this group have a very good chance too – so here’s hoping!

Get in touch with our Sabah Travel Centre for a personalised itinerary for your group looking to receive a unique marine education program at our premier PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre in Kota Kinabalu!