Dr. Richard from the Glamorgan University in the UK having some fun in the TAR ParkSabah, Borneo: After our rather large group of Glamorgan University research students, who we hosted recently, returned to the UK, one Richard was left behind.

It wasn’t our own resident Course Director Richard, but the professor who lead the group, Dr. Richard.

Dr. Richard stayed on for some ancillary post-expedition unwinding, ie. a day of fun diving with DB Richard.

The 2 Richards took to the waters of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park and snapped a few fun images just to remind the research students back in the UK what they were missing.

After the dive they said the students were on their mind all day, because they kept on looking over their shoulders expecting a group of 29 dives following behind them.

Relative quiet has returned to the dive station, but the next university group is already anticipated.