female mma fighter cleaning beach

Yesterday was the last day of the month which also meant it was the last day of our daily beach clean-up campaign. September was our Marine Debris Awareness campaign where the awesome Downbelow staff team cleaned the beach of Gaya Island every morning before work.

This doesn’t mean we will stop cleaning our beach as we do clean the beach daily however this is usually conducted by the trainees instead of the whole island staff.

To make the day even more special, we were joined by our awesome friends from The Borneo Tribal Squad MMA & Fitness Factory, the invincible pro fighters Ann “Athena” Osman & Aj Pyro along with their manager Emily S. Barner.

Downbelow Marine & Wildlife are the proud sponsors of Sabahan Ann “Athena” Osman who is Malaysia’s first professional female MMA fighter & has her upcoming OneFC Total Domination debut fight on the 18th of October in Singapore so please support her by checking the event out on Star Sports.

Please also consider the plastic waste you may generate that will ultimately end up in our oceans & do practice ways to help reduce the global problem of marine debris.

Special thanks to our staff team for working so hard this month & the Project AWARE Foundation for inspiring the September month for the debris awareness campaign.