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We’re so excited to announce, that Downbelow Marine and Wildlife Adventures are expanding, and the entire ‘umbrella’ of our operations will be all under ONE roof!

Managing Director Richard Swann (also our resident Platinum PADI Course Director) delivers an exciting presentation on our new offices in Kota Kinabalu to the senior staff and management of all our departments!

These plans have been years in the making, and everyone is on board with plenty of ideas to make our work above and beyond the amazing experience that it has afforded our dedicated staff team.

For the next month or so, our social media platforms will be almost inundated with news and updates of the progress of our new office base. For now, we don’t want to spoilt the surprise by letting the ‘cat out of the bag’, but our facilities will include more than just expanding our Sabah Travel Centre offices and Kota Kinabalu Dive Shop!

For more information on Downbelow Marine and Wildlife Adventures programs we offer visitors to Sabah, contact our travel experts to create a memorable Borneo adventure suited to you!