We see local and international Go PRO interns build friendships so easily at our beach house on Gaya Island because, as much as possible, they complete their professional dive training together!

Danny is our local intern and Jason is our most recent international intern, and both are dedicated to achieving their PADI Divemaster qualification.

For part of the waterskills development, an exercise in exchange of equipment with a dive buddy must be achieved with a minimum score of 3, which means they cannot surface. This skill developed their problem solving skills whilst underwater.

They will pass successfully if they display those qualities expected of a PADI professional: support one another, use their sound judgment, and be prudent.

They don’t need to exchange their weights or their wetsuits…but that’s their call!

Contact a member of our Head Office for more details on our Go PRO internship programs! Our experts will create an itinerary to suit your needs to live your diving dream in Borneo!