Expedition Borneo! is a program that invites travel enthusiasts to explore the natural beauty Sabah has to offer, and our 2nd group of adventurers’ this month from Denmark arrive at our Gaya Island beach house for overnight camping whilst learning to scuba dive on the PADI Open Water!

They will also receive a unique learning experience as they are exposed to the natural biodiversity through various island activities, such as snorkeling, kayaking and jungle trekking.

An experienced PADI Instructor of our island staff team delivers a presentation on the benefits of ocean protection, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation. The unique education we conduct takes the form of practical experience, so our island staff organizes a beach cleanup session along the shores of Gaya Island, and when snorkeling, mesh bags are brought along to collect any marine debris found. Participants of Expedition Borneo! are encouraged to reduce their ecological footprint as a result of their 30-day experience travelling Sabah!

Expedition Borneo! is a program that our travel experts can customize to suit the needs of your group, whether small or large, and create a unique Borneo adventure!