Jo telling the group about her own Mt. Kinabalu adventureSabah, Borneo: If you’ve been following the adventures of our intrepid Danish group, then you’ll know the spent the weekend past attempting the summit of Mt. Kinabalu.

No strangers to challenge, what with learning how to dive with our Open Water SCUBA Diver courses, white water rafting and 5 days jungle trekking the Salt Trails across the Crocker Range Mountains, the Danish Adventure group looked forward to Sabah’s ultimate challenge: climbing Mt. Kinabalu.

To prepare them for the peak, the group once again assembled at the Downbelow Travel Centre in KK Times Square in Kota Kinabalu, for a Mt. Kinabalu briefing.

Jo, Downbelow’s Marketing Director and Mt. Kinabalu’s Low’s Peak alumni herself, lead the group through a presentation about climbing Mt. Kinabalu, her treasures and her treachery.

The report of their actual Mt. Kinabalu climb will follow shortly…