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Our PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Pablo is teaching PADI Enriched Air Specialty and the PADI Advanced Open Water course too!

His clients are already certified divers, but they are building their scuba diving knowledge by continuing their education and they will discover their scuba diving horizons expand!

The PADI Enriched Air Specialty program is a valuable qualification for those recreational divers who would like to dive to deep depths for a chance to explore a shipwreck or possibly extend their bottom time to take the perfect picture.

It is a very user-friendly course and introduces the benefits of owning a dive computer, which adjusts the limits according to oxygen content very easily.

It is required by PADI standards to use a dive computer on the PADI Enriched Air Specialty course and at Downbelow’s beach house, for our clients’ convenience, we have scuba diving computers available for rent.

The PADI Advanced Open Water course may be integrated with the PADI Enriched Air Specialty course to enhance the students’ dive education. Two scuba diving disciplines, deep and underwater navigation, are compulsory to certify as a PADI Advanced Open Water diver, but five dives must be completed altogether to qualify. The other three dives are elected through a discussion between the PADI Instructor and their student.

What PADI Specialties will keep you diving?

There is an extensive list of scuba diving disciplines that may interest you, which you have the option to combine with the PADI Advanced Open Water course, or participate in the PADI Specialty as a stand-alone course.

Contact one of our very friendly and experienced staff at our Head Office in KK Times Square to discuss your goals to create a scuba diving adventure! Or better yet, visit us at our Head Office to plan your itinerary, and then take a look around our dive shop for some new equipment to prepare for your dive travels in the future!