Mount Kinabalu’s Low’s Peak is recorded, at 4,095 metres, as Malaysia’s highest peak. Declared a protected area, Kinabalu National Park partakes in various conservation efforts, and in 2000, the 753.7km2 park area was designated by UNESCO as Malaysia’s first World Heritage Site.

We organise itineraries that address conveniences for individual clients, even for large adventure groups wishing to explore the beautiful and tropical wonders of Sabah.

Climbing Mount Kinabalu is a challenge many visitors wish to pursue because of the allure to witness breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding Crocker mountain range when reaching the Low’s Peak summit!

At Downbelow, we understand the necessities involved in organising a 1-day or a 1-month holiday itinerary and our job is to make it easier for you the traveler. Our customer-service approach is prevalent in the various packages we offer to design your memorable holiday in Borneo!

Our Mount Kinabalu Climbing Package is available in two options, which are:

With various levels of activity and adventure.

First day of the program, will begin with a Downbelow driver transferring clients from Kota Kinabalu City to Kinabalu Park Headquarters, where all climbers must register themselves to be assigned a mountain guide. The mountain guides are mandatory by law to escort you for health and safety purposes and they are very experienced because they are local to the area, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions or for any assistance.

The ascent from Kinabalu Park’s Timpohon Gate calls for unrelenting physical endurance, but the individual climber and/or the climbing group sets the pace, and a mountain guide will be escorting throughout the whole experience. Larger groups of climbers will have more mountain guides of course and we have dedicated guides per private group so you can set your own pace and not feel pressure from others.
Sometimes, along the jungle trails, exotic plants and creatures that inhabit the park are spotted by experienced mountain guides!

From Timpohon Gate to Laban Rata, it takes about 4-6 hours and roughly every 1km there will be a simple shelter, toilets and seating for rest. We advise, and include in our itinerary, what is suggested to bring with you to reach Low’s Peak successfully. For example, snacks and bottled water during the ascent to Laban Rata will help keep up your energy!

At 3,272.7 metres altitude climbers will arrive at Laban Rata, an accommodation compound, where dinner will be served and there is a chance to restock on snacks and water.

We encourage rest, as will the mountain guides because, all climbers have an early start. So early, it will still be dark! Your mountain guide will suggest an estimated time to meet depending on the duration of your ascent from Timpohon Gate to Laban Rata. This can be anywhere between 1AM and 3AM, because the goal is not to just reach the summit, but also witness the sunrise from Low’s Peak! Climbers are not provided with a torch, so do bring your own to light the way! A beautiful spectacle to behold is when looking up at the starry night sky!

Reaching Low’s Peak summit, is really a jaw-dropping moment as climber’s watch the sunrise reveal Sabah’s famous mountainous Crocker range. The perfect scenery captured through photography is a memorable keepsake of your Mount Kinabalu adventure!

Descending from Low’s Peak to Laban Rata, for a buffet-style breakfast, is set to your own pace. We advise climbers to not rush climbing down to Timpohon Gate because it can be a lot of stress for leg muscles, so do pace yourself and keep energy levels up! Once you arrive at Kinabalu Park Headquarters, one of our Downbelow licensed drivers and minivans will meet you to transfer you back to your Kota Kinabalu City accommodation.

The option of 3 days and 2 nights includes 1 night free accommodation at a Kinabalu Park Hostel, as well as a dinner and a breakfast. However you must book early as this is based on availability and climbing Mount Kinabalu is on just about every ones bucket list!

Clients who have the time, will find the extra day to be worth it to acclimate to the altitude before attempting their Mount Kinabalu Challenge to reach Low’s Peak summit!

Nature lovers may explore Kinabalu Park and will revel in the variety of attractions available. All visitors are welcome to enjoy the education informed by the butterfly farm and the orchid conservation centre. A trip to the World Heritage Site Information Centre provides education on the species variety and conservation efforts of Kinabalu National Park, which is most rewarding after witnessing it on canopy walks.

Contact our Head Office at Kota Kinabalu Times Square where one of our friendly and helpful staff will address your holiday needs’ to suit you. A custom tailored program is our customer-service oriented approach to shape your perfect Borneo adventure and Mount Kinabalu Challenge!