borneo beach cleanup

We, at Downbelow, are passionate about environmental conservation and do as much as possible to contribute and raise awareness in others’ to share our worthwhile passion.

Gary, one of our ‘Work For a Career’ Divemaster Trainees, is joined by a new trainee, Roland, who is just starting his ‘Work For a Career’ program and he’s already smiling on his first day!

Gary will show his new colleague what his daily activities will be and share his experiences of working in the scuba diving industry so far.
After getting used to the set up of our dive centre and its operations, Roland will begin (just as Gary did when he first joined us) on the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Program.

Eventually, over the duration of his 1-year contract he will be certified as a PADI Divemaster and it will open up a whole world of possibilities within the professional scuba diving industry.

Our world class training will give Roland the ability to be a professional underwater guide, not only that, but along his journey toward PADI Divemaster he will have a greater understanding of the marine environment and its impact on the diving industry and in his own local community.

In the future, he too can share his knowledge with others’ and be a passionate advocate of the environment!